What we do

Machined Parts in CNC, CAD / CAM and 3D Dimensional Control. We are specialized in this type of high-precision technology, which enables the production of complex parts with great precision. SPKL has skills in the production and services offered, positioning itself as a privileged partner of companies operating in industries ranging from the nuclear industry, robotics, automotive, aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, food, perfumery and medicine.

We produce items of different shapes, sizes and finishes, simply by following the customer design requirements or sample parts.

We machine parts with high precision, ensuring the best quality at competitive prices and meeting delivery times.

Production in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and virtually any polymeric material.

From initial machining to heat treatments and finishing requirements, ie. (Black Oxide Coating, Geomet 500, various plating processes, etc.) we follow the entire process with pictures and communications through our platform.